NIS Colloquium - Theoretical and experimental approaches to thermoelectrics for waste heat harvesting Jan 29th 2020 - Aula Diagonale, Chemistry Dept. University of Turin, via P. Giuria 7 See the program!.   More

NIS Colloquium - INFRA-P: Presentazione finale del progetto SAX -“Strumentazioni Avanzate per Sistemi Complessi” Mercoledì 9 Ottobre 2019 - Università di Torino, Centro dell’Innovazione, Via Quarello 15/A, Aula 17 See the program!.   More

Ricercatori NIS a "Storie di Sostenibilità" 24-27 Settembre 2019, nei nuovi spazi del Complesso Aldo Moro, via Sant’Ottavio angolo via Verdi, Torino See the program!.   More

NIS Colloquium - AQUAlity/Project Ô: a combined strategy to address water reuse May 16-17th 2019 - Aula Canizzaro, Chemistry Dept. University of Turin, via P. Giuria 7 See the program!.   More

Chimica Passione Periodica - MATERIALS December 6 - Department of Chemistry See the program!.   More

International Winter School - INNOVATIVE CATALYSIS AND SUSTAINABILITY January 7-11, 2019 - Bardonecchia See the program!.   More

NIS Colloquium - Cu-based zeolites, versatile materials for redox catalysis Friday July 20th 2018 - Aula Canizzaro, Chemistry Dept. University of Turin, via P. Giuria 7 See the program!.   More

INFRA-P A new project (SAX) for the development of NIS materials characterization labs has been funded!   More

Workshop & NIS Colloquium - Recent advances in biosensor technologies 22 November 2017, Dipartimento di Chimica, Aula Diagonale. See the program!.   More

Join NIS at the Technology Day - Industry 4.0 24 October 2017, Aula Magna Cavallerizza Reale. See the program!.   More

NIS Colloquium & Workshop: "Keywords: environment, water, sustainable materials, circular economy. Towards 2018-20 European proposals" 20-21 April 2017, Department of Chemistry. See te program!.   More

Yet another Journal Cover by NIS affiliate Sushilkumar A. Jadhav!   See full article here

Seminar, April 19th 2017 N.Kherraz - "Control of the propagation of Lamb waves in a tunable piezoelectric phononic plate"   More

Article The journal "Metals" has a cover image by NIS Affiliates Marano, Castellero and Baricco

Job Day Unito, 26th October 2016 Students of the University of Torino meet representatives from the most important Italian and international industries   More

Nis Colloquium, 6th-7th October 2016 "Harnessing the Power of Light in Hybrid Materials"   More

On the cover of "Small" G. Martra and co-workers are featured with their work "Uptake: Factors Ruling the Uptake of Silica Nanoparticles by Mesenchymal Stem Cells...".   More

Older NIS Highlights

NIS Colloquium: "X-ray induced modifications in materials: applications and challenges" April 6-7, 2017, Department of Phisics. See te program!.   More

Final meeting, March 31st 2017 "FP7 Project "SETNANOMETRO" "   More

A cake full of chemical elements
Join us in celebrating the 65th birthday of prof. Elio Giamello   More


Nis Colloquium, 30th November 2015 "L’interazione fra nano-oggetti e neuroni: dalla biofisica alla nanomedicina"   More


Molecules@Surfaces winter School, 31.1-5.2 2016 The Italian Chemical Society and EuChems are organizing an exciting Physical Chemistry Winter school in Bardonecchia, Italy   Link to the School Website.

Funding Opportunity The PhD iTalents initiative offers funding opportunities for PhD scholarship in the industry.   Download the leaflet

NIS members publish on Nature Research article "Cooperative insertion of CO2 in diamine-appended metal-organic frameworks" was published on Nature journal.   More

NIS member wins prize Elena Groppo was awarded the "Ivano Bertini" 2014 prize from the Italian Chemical Society.   More


Nis Colloquium - July 11th "From olefins to oligomers and polymers: the fundamental role of catalysis" is the title of the NIS colloquium that will ...   More


Nis Colloquium - 9th May "Porous Materials for Selective Separation and Controlled Transport: from Membranes to Nanoparticles" is the title of the NIS colloquium that will ...   More


NIS affiliate wins an important grant
Carlo Lamberti's project has been granted more than 2 million euro by the russian government   More


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