Open Access Labs

The NIS Centre operates its labs on an Open Access basis since 2004. Instruments and Lab Spaces (Via Quarello labs) can be booked online at:


The laboratories are accessible to all UniTO researchers and to external institutions and companies. Please contact for more information.
Access to the instruments is allowed through the research groups and thanks to their dedication. Access mode and cost vary as per type.
See also the University of Turin "Open Access Lab" page for an extensive list of available instruments at other centres.

New instrumentation acquired through the INFRA-P: SAX Project

The instrumental endowment of the NIS Centre has been recently enriched by this project of the Regione Piemonte, aiming at strengthening the local research infrastructures. The project has recently terminated the installation of new instruments for materials characterization:

  • - A new UHR-SEM microscope
  • - several new and upgraded diffractometers
  • - An X-ray tomography facility (also available for focused X-ray materials modification)

All instruments will be available not only to academic researchers but also to the industry and other external organizations.

The presentation of the instruments will be held on October 9, 2019 at the Via Quarello NIS Labs (see program here).

All the technical material presented on that date will be available on this page in the following days. Please note that THE SAX INSTRUMENTS ARE NOT YET AVAILABLE ON THE ONLINE BOOKING CALENDAR. Interested users should contact:

  • For the FIB-FESEM/EBSD/TOF-SIMS Tescan S9000G microscope:
  • For the Rigaku SmartLab e Miniflex powder diffractometers:
  • For the Gemini Ultra single crystal diffractometer:
  • For th X-ray tomography and irradiation facility: >

  • Lab locations in Torino

    Via Quarello - Chemistry

    Via Giuria 5 - Chemistry

    Via Giuria 7 - Chemistry

    Via Giuria 9 - Chemistry

    Via Giuria 1 - Physics

    Via Valperga -Earth Sciences

    Via Giuria 9 - Drug Sciences

    Via Accademia Albertina - Life Sciences


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