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NIS Colloquium "Carlo Lambert's spores tell their scientific experience" June 16, 2024, 10:00-17:00, Aula Magna Dip. Fisica (Via Giuria 1, Torino); Program,

NIS Colloquium "Towards Carbon Neutrality" - New frontiers in carbon dioxide capture and valorization June 19, 2024, 9:00-18:00, MBC, Aula Darwin (Via Nizza 52, Torino); Program

nBIO-MED: Prospects and challenges of nanomaterial application in the BIO-MEDical field April 19, 2024, 9:30-13:00, Aula CAstagnoli, Dip. di Fisica (Via Giuria 1, Torino); Program

Innovative solutions for energy recovery and storage, and buildings monitoring 23 Febbraio 2024, 9:00-15:30, Aule Avogadro e Cannizzaro (Via Giuria 7, Torino); Program

Recent Advances in Developing Computational Tools for Solid State Calculations December 19, 2023, 14:00-18:00, Aula Diagonale (Via Giuria 7, Torino); Program

Valorisation of solid and gas residues of thermochemically processed biomass waste November 30, 2023, 10:30-16:00, Aula 14 (Via Quarello 15/A, Torino); Program

Heterogeneous catalysis based on naturally occurring materials:from prebiotic chemistry to applications November 28, 2023, 9:00-18:30, Aula Copernico, Department of Molecular Biotechnology and Health Sciences Via Nizza 52 - 10126 Turin, Italy Program

NIS Colloquium -(Photo)-catalysis for Sustainable Fuels Production September 21st, 2023, 9:15-17:00, Aula Vallauri ( Massimo D'Azeglio 42, Torino); Program

Seminar - E.Deghan: "First-principle calculations of structure, and ionic conductivity in Solid-State Electrolytes" June 15 2023 14:30:00, Department of Chemistry, Aula D1 (Via P. Giuria 5,5°P)   More

NIS Colloquium - Antmicrobial Biomaterials and their Potential Applicatons June 19th, 2023 from 14:00 to 18:30, Aula Magna - Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology (Via Accademia Albertina 13, Turin, Italy)   Program

NIS Colloquium ITACA "Ion beam Techniques and Analysis for Cultural heritage and Advanced materials" SPECIAL EVENT: Ion implanter inauguration June 12th-13th 2023 from 9,00 am to 5,00 pm, Department of Physics Aula C (Via P. Giuria 1, 10125 Torino)   More

NIS-Scansetti Seminar - F. Cecchet: Light on nano-bio-interfaces with surface-sensitive vibrational spectroscopy 9th May 2023 17:00, Department of Chemistry, Aula D1 (Via P. Giuria 5,5°P)   More

Nanomaterials for Industry and SustainabilityInter-departmental centre

NIS is an Inter-departmental research Centre bringing together more than 180 researchers from 5 Departments of the University of Torino:

Welcome to NIS!

The NIS inter-departmental centre represents a main link between industry and academia active in nanotechnology research in north-western Italy

The research activity of the centre is scattered in several places around the Torino city. Click the map to visit our laboratories. This includes the chemistry laboratories in Via Quarello, via Giuria - where the Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Drug ciences and Technology are situated - and Via Accademia Albertina, home of the Life Sciences Department.


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