NIS Colloquium "Towards Carbon Neutrality"

New frontiers in carbon dioxide capture and valorization

Towards Carbon Neutrality Logo The NIS Colloquium "Towards Carbon Neutrality" aims to showcase the most recent efforts in the field of decarbonization from a multifaceted perspective, encompassing hard science, engineering, and legislation.

The Colloquium is locally organized by the Department of Chemistry of University of Torino in collaboration with the INSTM Consortium, University of Pisa, the University of Perugia, and CNR, as partners of the PRIN2020 doMino and the EIC Pathfinder DAM4CO2 projects.

International renowned speakers will give their lectures and will be open to discuss with the audience about the challenges and future perspectives in decarbonization technologies and strategies.

The Colloquium will take place on June 19th, 2024, from 9:00 to 18:00, in the Darwin room at the Biotechnology Department (Via Nizza n. 52 - 10126 Torino). The attendance is free but registration is required.



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