Registration, Payment and Grants

The registration is presently closed due to the high number of subscriptions!
Further subscritpions could be considered in the case of defections: please feel free to contact us ( for further details.

Registered attendants will receive a notification of acceptance of your registration (and the eventual assignment of a fee grant) not later than October 26th.

Part of the grants are sponsored by GIC: to be eligible for these specific grants, you have to be a GIC member. Since subscritpions to GIC for 2019 open simultanously to the school, you can declare you are commited to become a GIC member to be considered eligible for a GIC grant. The subscription will be verified. In case on non-subscription in due course, the payment of the full school fee will be demanded.

Upon notification of acceptance, if you have not received a fee grant, you are asked to pay a school fee of 650 €.

Payments must be performed by bank transfer. Payment details are given below:
  • Payee name: SCI-GIC Soc. Chimica Italiana
  • Remit address: Via G. Venezian, 21 - 20133 Milano (Italy)
  • A/C: 000010639938
  • IBAN: IT90 I 02008 02452 000010639938
  • Swift: UNCRITM1NT4
  • Purpose: YourName YourSurname School 2019