"The Queen of the Piedmont Alps", in summer and winter, with or without skis, nature, sport, culture and fun at high altitude. Lying in a sunny hollow at 1.300 m above the sea, surrounded by beautiful mountains , with peaks over 3.500 m, Bardonecchia can be considered one of the most suggestive spots of the West Alps. It was the protagonist of the Winter Olympics in Turin 2006, hosting the snowboard races and one of the Olympic villages. Bardonecchia preserves its territory and its aesthetics, although it’s open to the modernity of a city. This combination makes it a locality full of charm, in continuous evolution in terms of installations, facilities and services. Thanks to its several sport, culture and music initiatives, its trendy pubs and typical restaurants, it is the ideal destination for young people and for families. Nature is alive, long life to nature! Bardonecchia counts among its inhabitants roe deers, chamois, marmots, partridges, foxes, golden eagles, mountain goats, vultures and it lives a true relationship with nature, that can be savoured just walking through the forests of pines, firs and larches which cover large parts of its territory. An alpine guide or a nature guide, a map and a pair boots : this is all you need to discover Bardonecchia, one of the richest alpine populations of paths and pathways scattered across its resorts. Paths are suitable also to less trained legs and they lead to discovery of lakes and woods, pastures and alpine villages, waterfalls and streams: step after step, the great spectacle of Nature.

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