Active partecipation

●   Poster and Q&A session

Take the opportunity to share and discuss your research with the speakers, and most important among yourself. Enjoy a fruitful exchange of ideas and make new conenctions! Beside the official Poster Session, you have the opportunity to keep you poster exposed for the entire duration of the school, to increase the time available for discussion. The maximum size for the posters 70x100 cm, with portrait layout. Four best poster prizes (100 £ each) will be assigned, sponsored by four RSC Journals: Green Chemistry, Catalysis Science & Technology, Sustainable Energy & Fuels and Energy & Environmental Science.

●   Periodic Table Bingo

In order to promote team work skills, homogeneously distributed teams will play the "Periodic Table Bingo-Quiz" game, where participants can challenge their own skills and knowledge about chemistry, as well as their luck! An element of the periodic table will be randomly extracted (in place of numbers) and a question about it will be asked! Answer correctly to the question and if your team is lucky enough will be the first to form a row of 4 elements, winning the game and... getting a prize!

●   Contest on communication/dissemination skills

Sustainability is the only way for the progress on this planet to the future, but it does cost and not always a tangible result immediately follows the actions undertaken. Therefore, scientists have the mission of talking with the people, directly and simply, to explain the consequences of everyday choices on the environment and communicate them a long-term vision. ICS2019 Contest will challenge all the participants, divided into teams, in adopting several catalytic processes for the improvement of their own city and convincing the population that they are worth the investments. All the material for the competition will be provided at the School, no preparative work is required, but all the participants are expected to put themselves out there, sharing personal knowledges and skills with the other members of the team. Each member of the winning team will be awarded with a parchment and a prize (100 €).

●   Team building session: LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a different way to «create meanings together». Thanks to the involvement of professional consultants, the activity is aimed at raising awareness on the soft skills subject, by experiencing team building moments in a different, innovative and engaging way.

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