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A cake full of chemical elements
Join us in celebrating the 65th birthday of prof. Elio Giamello   More


Nis Colloquium, 30th November 2015 "L’interazione fra nano-oggetti e neuroni: dalla biofisica alla nanomedicina"   More


Molecules@Surfaces winter School, 31.1-5.2 2016 The Italian Chemical Society and EuChems are organizing an exciting Physical Chemistry Winter school in Bardonecchia, Italy   Link to the School Website.

Funding Opportunity The PhD iTalents initiative offers funding opportunities for PhD scholarship in the industry.   Download the leaflet

On the cover of "Small" G. Martra and co-workers are featured with their work "Uptake: Factors Ruling the Uptake of Silica Nanoparticles by Mesenchymal Stem Cells...".   More

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Nanostructured Interfaces and Surfaces Inter-departmental centre

NIS is an Inter-departmental research Centre bringing together more than 180 researchers from 5 Departments of the University of Torino:

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Welcome to NIS!

The NIS inter-departmental centre represents a main link between industry and academia active in nanotechnology research in north-western Italy

The research activity of the centre is scattered in several places around the Torino city. Click the map to visit our laboratories. This includes the chemistry laboratories in Via Quarello, via Giuria - where the Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Drug ciences and Technology are situated - and Via Accademia Albertina, home of the Life Sciences Department.


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