NIS Colloquium


 First chemical steps towards the origin of life

16 Thursday-17 Friday September 2010 – Torino, ITALY

Local organizer:  Piero Ugliengo

Scientific committee: Jean-Francois Lambert, Mariona Sodupe and Piero Ugliengo

Scientific facts: origin of life is an extremely broad interdisciplinary field of intense research spanning chemistry, astrophysics, geology, biochemistry, biology, etc. This colloquium will focus on chemical aspects which are thought to be responsible of the synthesis of the first building blocks and their chemical evolution towards more complex structures of biological relevance.

Objective: as this field is new in the context of the NIS research topics the speakers (all leading scientists in the field) are asked to keep the style of the talks as broad as possible in order to stimulate discussion and to capture the interest of young participants.

Cost: the attendance to the Colloquium is free.  Each participant is kindly requested to send an email to Piero Ugliengo. Travel, meals and night arrangements are not provided.

Program: a leaflet of the program and curriculum vitae of the invited speakers is available here.

Place of the Colloquium: the NIS Colloquium will be held at the Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali. Details about how to reach Torino and the NIS colloquium places are available here.